Press for Find Someone to Love:

"One of the the visceral nature of Sood’s storytelling. Through every painful and joyful twist and turn that this book walks you through, it’s impossible not feel the deep and conflicting emotions of what the characters are living..."

Anubhati Kumar, Brown Girl Magazine

Press for Nights Like This:

"Nights Like This by Divya Sood is an honest portrayal of love, relationships, and how the heart doesn't always know the right path." - T.B. Markinson


"10 South Asian LGBTQ Books That Changed My Life" by Priya Arora

Tagg Magazine

"Nights Like This For Women Like Us: A Conversation With Author Divya Sood" by Annie Brown

"Author Divya Sood On Why She Wrote A Romance Novel Focusing On The South Asia LGBT Community" by Saloni Gajjar