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"Observant, stirring writing that explores the challenges of openness." - KIRKUS REVIEWS

Divya Sood

is a novelist, short story writer, and writing coach. Her works include Nights Like This and Maya. Her third novel, Find Someone to Love, was released in May 2019 by Riverdale Avenue Books. Find Someone to Love was a finalist for the 2020 Golden Crown Award.

Divya currently teaches creative writing at Gotham Writers Workshop and has taught at Southern New Hampshire University.

Divya was born in Kolkata, India and is currently based in New York City, USA. She enjoys writing, teaching, and traveling.

Divya graduated from NYU with a Master of Arts in English and American Literature. Her writing awards include The New Jersey Chapter of Arts and Letters First Prize for Fiction, the Edna Herzberg First Prize for Fiction, and the Edith Hamilton First Prize for Fiction.

Read "Fear" by Divya Sood

The Masters Review Volume XIII Anthology:The Best Stories by Emerging Writers

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Wickedly Ever After is featured on Den of Geek's article on Top New Fantasy Anthologies of 2020.




Find Someone to Love

Find Someone to Love is a story about the strength of desire and the bonds of friendship.

Priya's world is turned upside down when her optical practice hires a new optometrist and it happens to be someone who was endeared to her in the past.

Nights Like This

Nights Like This

Nights Like This is the story of three women who are entangled in a triangle of love.

When Jess goes for a walk in Central Park, she doesn't know that a chance meeting with a stranger will change the course of her life.



Maya is a love story that transcends time and space.

There were two souls. To test desire, the fire within us, they had to survive the taking of bodies, the parting of lifetimes, deaths and rebirths. One of those souls is ARJUN. One is MAYA.


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